IMAGE Magazine CoverBeginning in 1952, Image traced the accumulation of scholarship in the history of photography, including the evolving motion picture industry and the technology of photography. In its first decades there was nothing like it in the world. Beaumont Newhall, George Eastman House's first curator and author of The History of Photography (published by the Museum of Modern Art), was a frequent contributor in the early years, as was the Museum's first motion picture curator, James Card, an eminent motion picture historian. Also contributing numerous articles was George Pratt, a silent film scholar and author of the widely consulted Spellbound in Darkness (New York Graphic Society). Other noted contributors include the artist and George Eastman House curator, Minor White; educator and visionary, Nathan Lyons; and Museum curators, Thomas Barrow and Robert Sobieszek. Together this accumulation of research and interpretation established the history of photography as a legitimate field of scholarship.

Issues of Image Magazine

IMAGE (1959. vol 8. issue 1.)

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On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the George Eastman House, Newhall recounts the ways in which the museum has fulfilled the purposes set forth in the original charter.

Call for submissions for an exhibition of contemporary photography to be held at the George Eastman House in honor of its tenth anniversary.

Adams attempts to define the art and science of photography.

Reproduction and translation of a broadside written by Daguerre announcing the daguerreotype.

In 1958 three hundred thirty-three titles were added to the George Eastman House film collection. Here is a list of some of the notable additions, including twelve Edison kinetoscope films.

U. S. CAMERA 1959. Edited by Tom Maloney. U. S. Camera, New York, 1958. 305 pages. 292 illustrations. $8.95. Clothbound.
THE GERMAN PHOTOGRAPHIC ANNUAL 1959. Edited by Dr. Wolf Strache. Das Deutsche Lichtbild & American Photographic Book Publishing Co., New York, 1958. 85 pages of text. 126 pages of plates. $7.95. Clothbound.
1959 PHOTOGRAPHY ANNUAL. Edited by Bruce Downs and the editors of Popular Photography. Ziff-Davis, New York, 1958. 242 pages. 287 illustrations. $1.25. Paperbound.
PHOTOGRAPHY YEARBOOK 1959. Edited by Norman Hall and Basil Burton. Photography Magazine (Great Britain) Ltd. 1958. 236 pages. 224 illustrations. 30 shillings. Clothbound.
INTERNATIONAL PHOTOS. Edited by Joachim Giebelhausen. Verlag Grossbild-Technik 1958. 201 pages. 100 plates. $8.10. Clothbound.
PRAMIIERTE FOTOS. Edited by Helmut Grunwald. Fotokinoverlag Halle, East Germany, 1958. 108 pages. 81 illustrations. DM 7.80. Paperbound.
PICTURES OF INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SALON OF JAPAN, 1958. Edited by Asahi Shimbun-sha. Asahi Shimbun Publishing Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, 1958. 178 pages. 172 illustrations. Clothbound.
THE PICTURE HISTORY OF PHOTOGRAPHY, from the Earliest Beginnings to the Present Day by Peter Pollack. New York, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1958. 624 pp., 655 illustrations, 30 in color. $17.50.
THE WORLD IS YOUNG by Wayne Miller, New York: The Ridge Press; distributed by Pocket Books and Simon & Schuster; 192 pages, 289 photographs; $1.50 (soft cover) and $10.00 (hard cover).
AGEE ON FILM. Reviews and Comments by James Agee. McDowell Obolensky, New York, 1958. 432 pages. $6.00.
THE FOCAL PRESS, LONDON and New York 1958. 169 pages. 21 illustrations. 50 Shillings.

Harmant, Pierre G., ""On recherche toujours Vinconnu de 1825 ..."", Kodeco, X, No. 7 (Oct. 1958), 18 - 20.
Infinity. VII, No. 10 (Dec. 1958).

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Author : Newhall, Beaumont, ed.
Title  : IMAGE: Journal of Photography of the George Eastman House
Volume : 8
Number : 1
Date   : March, 1959

IMAGE (1957. vol 6. issue 8.)

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Editorial . . . .179
Second Festival of Film Artists
Announcement for festival hosted by the George Eastman House that awarded living stars, directors and cameramen of the motion picture world of 1926-1930.

Winners of The Second Festival of Film Artists
Recipients of the George Eastman House Medal of Honor for Distinguished Contribution to the Art of Motion Pictures 1926-1930.
by James Card . . . 180
Discusses the careers and films of the actors who received awards in the Second Festival of Film Artists.

The Camera Lucida
A description of the picture-making instrument which ""macadamized the Royal Road to Drawing.""
by Rudolf Kingslake . . . . 195
On Wollaston’s camera lucida, a drawing aid that used a four-sided prism to reflect an object onto a piece of paper to be traced. Introduced in 1807, it was not a camera but it served a similar purpose as is evidenced by an excerpt from Capt. Hall.

Index to George Eastman House Resources . . . 198
Daguerreotype Cases
Descriptions of important material in the collection with illustrations of the most typical and outstanding items. Examples of pressed paper, papier-maché, and thermoplastic or union cases for daguerreotypes. Union cases may represent the first industrial use of plastic.

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Author : White, Minor, ed.
Title  : IMAGE: Journal of Photography of the George Eastman House
Volume : 6
Number : 8
Date   : October, 1957

IMAGE (1957. vol 6. issue 9.)

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Editorial . . . 203
Wanted: Personal Documents
Entreaty for donations of personal documents of experimenters and practitioners in the field of photography.

The Photographer of The ""Elegant and Salubrious Village""
Recollections of the life and work of a wet-plate photographer in a small town by his son
by R. W. G. Vail . . . 204
Description of the Geneva, NY photography studio operated by James Gardner Vail from 1862-1880. Includes photographs of Vail’s reception room, printing room, and skylight studio.

A Myth Is As Good As A Milestone
An appraisal of four legends of motion picture history
by George Pratt . . . 208
Pratt debunks several film history myths. Contrary to popular belief, Buster Keaton did not get his start in film with Mack Sennett, Cohen at Coney Island was not Sennett’s first Keystone comedy, early movie audiences and reviewers could recognize a bad movie when they saw one, and Griffith’s Judith of Bethulia of 1913 was not the longest American film up to that time.

Color Photography As A Creative Medium
One of the nation's foremost photographers examines the esthetics of color photography in relation to black and white
by Ansel Adams . . . 212
Ansel Adams on photography as an art form and the failure of color photography to fulfill his concepts of the objectives of art.

Color Photographs by Ansel Adams . . . 213
Courtesy of The Royal Blue Print Co.

Photographic History of The Civil War
A new edition of the classical ten-volume corpus of Brady's Photographic Views of the War
Reviewed by Beaumont Newhall . . . 217
THE PHOTOGRAPHIC HISTORY OF THE CIVIL WAR. Francis Trevelyan Miller, Editor in Chief. With a New Introduction by Henry Steele Commanger. New York, Thomas Yoseloff, 1957. 10 vols. Illust. $40.
Essay on the extensive collection of civil war photographs by Mathew Brady and his team of photographers.

Two Sound Books For Film Students
Reviewed by James Card . . . 221
THE LION'S SHARE by Bosley Crowther. New York, E. P. Dutton, 1957.
THE LIVELIEST ART by Arthur Knight. New York, Macmillan. Planned for publication November, 1957.
Card reviews The Lion’s Share about the history of MGM, and The Liveliest Art, an ambitious overview of the whole history of motion pictures.

Index to George Eastman House Resources . . . 224
Daguerreotype Cases (cont.)
Descriptions of important material in the collection with illustrations of the most typical and outstanding items. Six examples of elaborate union cases.

Index to Motion Picture Study Collection . . . 226
Descriptions of significant material in this collection. The Margrave’s Daughter (1912), Die Arme Jenny (Poor Jenny, 1912), and Suenden der Vaeter (Sins of the Fathers, 1912).

Book Reviews . . . 227
INCAS TO INDIANS, introduction by Manuel Tunon de Lara, photographs by Werner Bischof, Robert Frank and Pierre Verger. Photography Magazine, London, and Robert Delpire, Paris, 1956. 126 pp., 77 photographs.
MICROPHOTOGRAPHY; PHOTOGRAPHY AT EXTREME RESOLUTION, by G. W. W. Stevens. New York, John Wiley & Sons Inc., 1957. 326 pages. Illus. $8.50.
--B. N

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Author : Newhall, Beaumont, ed.
Title  : IMAGE: Journal of Photography of the George Eastman House
Volume : 6
Number : 9
Date   : November, 1957

IMAGE (1957. vol 6. issue 10.)

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Editorial . . . 231
Photography as Documentation
On the perceived reality or convincingness of photographs and the responsibility this entails.

The Royal Family In Films
A biographer of the Barrymore family reviews the film careers of
Ethel and Lionel Barrymore
by Spencer Berger . . . . 232
Essay on the careers of siblings Lionel and Ethel Barrymore who had their start acting in theatre and went on to find success in the film industry.

Street Life in London
A review of an early use of photography in social documentation
by Robert Doty . . . 240
On the 1877 publication Street Life in London, one of the first social documentary projects that incorporated photographs. John Thomson and Adolphe Smith presented thirty-six case histories of people living in the London slums, each illustrated by a Woodburytype.

Pictures From The Collection . . . 246
George Eastman's First Photograph
Photograph of the Genesee River and the Erie Canal aqueduct taken by Eastman during his first photography lesson with George Monroe on October 22, 1877.

Index To George Eastman House Resources . . . 248
Descriptions of important material in the collection with illustrations of the most typical and outstanding items. English daguerreotypes of churches and examples of reproductions of daguerreotypes.

Current History . . . 250
On the misinterpretation of photographs due to optical illusion. Illustration of the phenomenon known as “inverted relief” whereby something convex appears concave and vice versa depending on where the shadows fall.

Index to Volume 6 . . . 250

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Author : Newhall, Beaumont, ed.
Title  : IMAGE: Journal of Photography of the George Eastman House
Volume : 6
Number : 10
Date   : December, 1957