IMAGE (1972. vol 15. issue 4.)

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New Director of the Museum….1
Article provides credentials of the new director of the George Eastman House, Robert J. Doherty.

Prints and Negatives of Gertrude Käsebier….2
Images and negatives by Käsebier added to the George Eastman House collection through a gift from her daughter and granddaughter. Overview of Käsebier’s career as a respected pictorialist and commercial portrait photographer.

On Käsebier's Work in 1907….8
Note introducing the reprint of an overview of Käsebier’s work in a 1907 issue of The Craftsman magazine.

Photography as an Emotional Art: A Study of the Work of Gertrude Käsebier by Giles Edgerton….9
Reprint from the April 1907 issue of The Craftsman magazine; Giles Edgerton is a pseudonym for Mary Fanton Roberts.

New Acquisitions: A Gardner Album….13
Information on an album assembled by retired Union officer Arnold A. Rand as a chronological record of the Lincoln assassination and conspiracy trial. The majority of the photographs in the album are by Alexander Gardner.

New Acquisitions: The Questar Telescope….17
A detailed account of the components of the Questar which can be used as a telescope and a photographic lens.

Taking Photographs on the Wing: “The Detective” Camera—Apparatus for Amateur Photographers….18
An excerpt from The New York Tribune, November 4, 1883, on detective cameras and the increase in amateur photographers.

New Acquisitions: A Note on Early Photomontage Images….19
Article discusses composite photographs by Francis Bedford, made for commercial reasons, and by Julia Margaret Cameron, made as working sketches, and the Campbell family album featuring photomontage, made as a leisure time activity.

Newman, Toth, Brown….25
Article briefly discusses George Eastman House’s exhibitions of the work of Arnold Newman, Carl Toth, and Robert Brown.

"The Oneness of All Ages"….27
Comparison drawn between D. W. Griffith’s film Intolerance and James Joyce’s novel Ulysses. Joyce in Switzerland, Griffith in California, were each to state within a chosen medium their preoccupations with time.

Synoptic Catalog….30
The Synoptic Catalogue of the George Eastman House Collections is a brief survey of the prints and print makers that are pictorially or historically significant or both. Maxime Du Camp to Frank A. Ehret.

International Museum of Photography Traveling Exhibitions….33

Citation Information

Author : Pratt, George C., ed.
Title  : IMAGE: Journal of Photography and Motion Pictures of the INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY at George Eastman House
Volume : 15
Number : 4
Date   : December, 1972